25 Social Media Posting Ideas

No matter what business you’re in or which social media network you’re on, sometimes the biggest challenge is what to post, especially for the business owner, trying to use social media to engage with potential customers. Maybe you have great products and services, but occasionally, coming up with meaningful posts is a challenge. In no particular order, here are some posting ideas.

Have fun with these – have fun with your audience – and remember social media is about being social, so show some of “yourself” in your posts, and create posts that you would want to respond to. There’s a good chance, someone else will feel the same way you do!

1. Post about what inspires you.

2. Post about what you’re reading

3. Write about a movie you’ve seen that relates to your goals, core values, or entertains you.

4. Share a funny or unusual photo and ask for captions.

5. Share a Top Ten List (spread over multiple days) on your “product”

6. Share quotes from your customers or clients

7. Start polls on preferences within your niche or current events

8. Share and comment on trending topics in the news

9. Announce milestones or special events for your business or yourself

10. Share photos from events you’ve attended

11. Post articles from other businesses that are related to your business.

12. Share weekly highlights or recaps of news

13. Post about unusual holidays, even if not in your niche

14. Write about what got you started in your business

15. Ask True/False questions of facts or opinions for your industry

16. Give historical facts about how your industry came about

17. Focus on the differences in various countries related to how your business niche operates

18. Ask for people to rank a list of items – their “top 3” or “top 5,” etc.

19. Give a quote from a movie or song and have people identify the source

20. Share what you’ve learned from your setbacks

21. Ask fans to share what they would like to hear more about

22. Cross promote one social media platform to another (if you use more than one)

23. Do a survey with Survey Monkey (free)

24. Give “your version” of someone else’s blog or article

25. Share a video “how to” for something in your field

This list is certainly not exhaustive, but hopefully this will give you some ideas to get started. You can create themes, weekly features, or other “regular” post topics to simplify some of the “what to say” issue, but again, have fun with social media – even in business!


Source by Camille Rodriquez

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