4 Strategies For Single Parents Working From Home

Balancing work and family life, plus trying to take time out for yourself can sometimes feel like a completely impossible balancing act. And that’s for two parent families. As a single parent, it’s easy for at least one of these tasks to fall by the wayside.

You and your children deserve the same quality of life of any two -parent family and if you believe that then I will show you some strategies I use to make sure my children feel loved, secure and are well balanced. My work gives me the job satisfaction I need, provides for my family and enables me to save for my children’s future. I have also made sure I’ve included ‘me time’ tips. This is actually more important than most single parents think. Remember, if there’s no you, there’s no anything.

So let’s get straight to it…

1. Plan and set goals.

Before you set out to work from home. Make sure you take the time to properly plan out what you are going to do or at least what you want to do.

How many hours do you actually have per day to spend on working, housework, ‘me time’ and kids. If your children are very young and still at home you may have to get up early before they wake, schedule proper nap times in the day or stay up when they go to bed at night. If you can afford it, it might be wise to employ a sitter a few times a week. How much money do you want to make? That’s for bills, things that come up and savings. Is what you’re doing or what your about to work on really going to give you what you need? If not, change it.

2. Forget the housework

It’s so easy when your at home all day supposedly working from home to want to get through that pile of washing or start on the cooking early. Stop! These tasks will NOT make you any money! Please read the last sentence again. Working from home is about making money from home. Giving your children and yourself what you deserve. As I said in point 1, have a designated time for housework.

Remember you are your own boss now, but in the hours you have designated to work, stick to them as if you had a boss breathing down your neck. Believe me it will pay off.

3. Take Fridays Off

This is where that all important me- time comes in. Please don’t ignore this point. I’m sure you’ve heard this before but, your no use to anybody if you are completely burned out. If you stick to your schedule and have a productive 4 -day week then you can afford to take Friday off. Just like a car needs fuel to keep running, you need me-time to continue being a great work from home single parent. If you don’t have a hobby or favourite past time take one up. Discover you..

4. Avoid feeling guilty

You are always doing the best you can, and the more you do it the better you get. If something does not go right one day, with the children, work or anything else, Forget about it… Life happens.

Dwelling on a situation won’t help. Maybe you did not make as much calls as you wanted to, or one of the children complained about what his friend has that they haven’t. Know that you are doing your best. Some days will be crappy but some days will be just magic!

Balancing work, home, children and yourself is not easy especially on your own. The key is to find a work from home opportunity that really works for you. You don’t want to feel as if you have a full time job because that defeats the object of working from home.


Source by Shantelle Golding

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