4 Tips to Promote Your Business Effectively Online

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that in these days of Internet, social media, blogs, vlogs, viral marketing and the countless other ways to disseminate information virtually that if you have any type of business whether offline or online, if you do not know how to effectively promote it online, you are probably missing out on a lot of business.

While the skills and knowledge needed to effectively promote your business online are generally simple, many business owners are either confused, misguided, or misinformed when it comes to promoting their business online. Whether you’re just starting your business and want to get off on the right foot or have an established business that needs an added boost, here are four ways to get your business some quality attention online.

4 Tips to Boost the Online Presence of Your Business:

1) Cough up the Cash for Advertising

Yes, sometimes it takes money to make money and Pay-Per Click Advertising is the easiest and fastest (although not the cheapest) way to get the word out about your business online. The process is easy and straightforward; set up an ad campaign about your business, bid a money to get the positioning that you want and each time a someone clicks on your ad you will be charged a pre-determined amount. Check out Google AdWords for one of the most popular, low-learning curve PPC advertising resources.

2) Use Banner Exchange Sites

There are a number of websites where you can signup and crosslink your own banner on other websites in exchange for other businesses banners being displayed your website. The process is easy, fairly inexpensive, and the rewards can be enormous. Check out click4click.com or MerchantCircle.com for some ideas.

3) Create Your Own Articles

Writing your own articles can be a great way to self-promote, however, if you’re writing skills are not up to par or if you don’t have the time (because this can be time consuming) you may want to hire a freelance writer to provide some articles to get you started. Once you have some quality articles on the topics that are related to your business then you should submit them to some article directories. To get started, there are hundreds of article directories such as Ezine Articles and Go Articles. See our other post, How to Effectively Use Article Directories for more information.

4) Use Social Media

Utilizing social media sites such as facebook, twitter, dig, reddit and the countless other social networks is a powerful and simple way to put your business in front of the public. Posting news, articles, events and promotions of products can prove to be an invaluable and free asset to your business.


Source by Jeanette Joy Fisher

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