Advertising to Planet Venus

The Times They Are A-Changin’…

A prolific song made popular by Bob Dylan in the 60s that is just as prevalent today. It talks about change for all walks of life. To grow with change and become like the ocean and go with the ebb and flow.

This analogy also applies to the art of advertising to women – with advertising in the new millennium taking on a whole different approach. When looking back at the roles our mothers played in the 50’s, advertising was pretty straight forward. A majority of women were stay-at-home moms so businesses had an easy time of advertising to this captive audience. The advertising mediums weren’t as plentiful as today. There was the daily local newspaper, and a select number of national women magazines along with radio and television

With the development of mass-produced products, Madison Avenue executives looked toward educating women on how to be better consumers and ultimately, buy more of their product. Little did they realize how lucrative marketing to women would become and how the changing times, advertising mediums and the ever evolving roles of women would make even the advertising world stand on its head.

You’ve come a long way baby…

And boy, have we! Today, women account for roughly 80% of all consumer buying. Even so, it is becoming more difficult to reach women as they have taken on many roles – stay-at-home mother, working mother, single mother, single business professional and the list goes on. Their day is filled to the brim with running here and there – getting kids ready for school and extra-curricular events, going to work, making dinner, going to PTA meetings…Whew!

But don’t despair! Even though women are not as easy to target today, you can still get a share of this trillion dollar market. Some approaches include:

Look at a day in your customer’s life – Do what you can to learn about their daily routines and adapt your advertising to meet these needs.

o Is your target stay-at-home moms or professional working women?

o Do they watch TV or do they utilize the internet more?

o Are they driving around a lot or staying close to home?

o What music do they listen to?

o What is their household income and where are they spending it?

Make your advertising “speak” to women

o Show visible benefits of your product

o Provide a solution to everyday challenges

o Provide value – Cost plays a lesser role when you show the value of your product.

o Women love visually pleasing ads that they can relate to. While magazines featuring Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston on the cover may fly off the shelf, women want to see people featured in ads that they can relate to, in situations similar to their own.

Utilize E-Marketing – According to a recent survey by BSM Media, 71% of moms use the Internet to get product information. And they don’t just rely on banner ads. Moms want to engage in conversation. That is why blogs or vlogs (video blogs) have become all the rage in reaching out to this popular consumer as well as email marketing.

You may remember the bestselling relationship book from the 90s — Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. The popularity of this book was due to the fact that it finally told us why men & women were different and in order for relationships to work – we each need to understand the other’s personality traits. That is how advertising works. And this is what will make you successful in reaching your segment of the female market.

Source by Juli Wiseman

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