An Independent Polaris Global Review

Of all the company reviews I’ve done, I believe Polaris Global is the first Top Tier Company. I have done an article on the difference in MLM and Top Tier; basically it is this: MLM has a relatively low cost to get started; Top Tier is high by comparison. MLM products and services are lower priced than Top Tier products and services. MLM wealth is created by residual income – many people throughout your downline team are buying the product or service every month. Although you can have a downline team in a company like Polaris Global, income happens only when a new sale is made. There are no recurring monthly sales.

In the Top Tier business model, companies typically sell to a more affluent customer base, and the products are usually such things as personal development, high end vacation clubs, and marketing services and instruction.

Polaris Global Marketing has been around since 2009, but it had another name before that. It was called Liberty League International, which was established in 2001. It is certainly not unheard of for a company to change its name, corporate structure, or even the market it serves. Those who are familiar with both entities say that the new products are as good or better in some cases, and the opportunity itself is better as well.

Polaris Global deals in personal development products and events. By all accounts, the products are excellent and have helped many people reach their potential. The idea behind the best of these products is that we all have potential, and in addition to improving our skill levels, we need to strip away the internal layers of misinformation and limiting beliefs that are holding us back. The first product is a 12 month course of personal development instruction broken down into 3 sections and is called Beyond Freedom Evolution. There is a one day event called Foundation Live (in Sydney), a 3 day event called Sovereignty Live (in Thailand), and a 5 day event called Influence Live (in Tahiti). The products range at retail from $1,695 to $16,245.

The founders of the company are Shane Krider and Rachel Oliver. Although they are from different backgrounds and different continents, they each have experienced huge success at a young age. Both were direct sales industry millionaires in their middle 30’s. Gregory Strom brings personal development and high end media experience and knowledge to the table. This looks to be a very good leadership group.

Getting started the right way will cost you about $2,800. This is high by MLM standards, but Top Tier is a different business model. If you are activated in all of the products, and you work on building your business, you can do exceptionally well. There are 4 ways to make money with Polaris Global Marketing. Retail commissions, a Wholesale Bonus, a Roll-Up Wholesale Bonus, and a Leadership Bonus. If you are taking advantage of everything the comp plan can do for you, it is possible to make 7 figures.

If you are interested in a Top Tier opportunity, Polaris Global Marketing is as good as any I have seen. Just make sure you understand the difference in MLM and Top Tier before you make your decision. Of course, the self-branding principles that can bring you success in MLM will work the same way in Top Tier. Attraction Marketing was not born in the MLM business; it was brought in and adapted. Using it in a Top Tier business can bring you success there as well.

Source by James Boswell

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