Are We Allowed to Bring Our Cell Phones to Basic Training?

“Are we allowed to bring our cell phones?” This is a common question asked by potential military recruits who are heading off to basic training. Although your recruiter has given you a packing list that tells you what things you can bring to boot camp. In this article, I will explain the conditions on bringing a cell phone to training.

Should I bring a cell phone or just leave it?

The answer is both yes and no, but one thing for certain is you can take one with you. But no, you can’t keep it during training. However, you will have to communicate on the way to boot camp so that the people at home can keep in contact with your status. First, you have no idea what can happen during your travel such as getting delayed due to unforeseen weather, an emergency can arise, you could get lost, or you may have missed your flight during transfers at the airport.

What’s it like the first 24 hours?

You don’t start basic just yet but your hold until you finished in-processing at reception for a few days. During reception, you’re allowed to use your cell phone. But when you start basic training, you usually don’t get them back until white phase and it also depends on your chain of command.

Will the drill sergeants take them away?

Yes. The drill sergeants will take them away but don’t forget that you will get them back. How? We’ll, if you’re platoon wins a competition, you might get to use them for a few minutes or a few hours. However, this is not guaranteed. You can also earn phone privileges on Sundays if your platoon has good behavior.

Last, do bring a wall charger. Your barracks will have wall outlets for you to recharge your cell phone. Also, there will be wall outlets inside every barracks in boot camp especially during reception.

Now, if you don’t think you need to bring a phone, you can use the pay phone on base. Depending on which company you go to, there will be four phone booths lined up next to your barracks. But you have to stand in line waiting for your turn to use one. Since you don’t have coins to pay, your only option is to use a prepaid card which waste valuable time because your dialing your account number than you’re trying to place a call to whoever you want to reach.

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