Are Windows Registry Errors Wrecking Your Computer?

In the nineties and in the early part of this decade computer sales were high, new computers with the latest and greatest technology would fly off the shelves as people knew that buying the latest computer would allow them to do all the new and cool things. Things such as watch and record DVDs on their computer, make the most of the Internet and store and listen to their music. As time has gone by, technological progress in the computer industry has somewhat slowed down and although there are clearly still some major developments such as processors with multiple cores in them, these developments have less and less impact on the average computer owner. So if technology is no longer driving people to change their computer in the same way, what does?

Well one of the major factors that is making people change their computer is existing computers going wrong. It is not uncommon for someone to own a computer for a number of years and for the performance of that computer to deteriorate over those years through no fault of the user. But why does this happen? Well a large proportion of reduction in performance can be put down to errors in the Windows registry. The Windows registry is the directory that your computer uses to find all the programs and files it needs to work. Over time, these giant directories can become corrupt and full of errors and it’s these errors that will cause a computer to run slowly and crash frequently. So when the registry becomes corrupt do you need to buy a new computer? No you don’t! Fortunately there are a variety of tools available on the Internet to fix the Windows registry, all of which will cost you significantly less than a new computer. So, if your computer is running slow I would suggest that you get it scanned for registry errors before you buy a new one.

Source by Dick Jonson

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