Be Meticulous

When looking at your car in the driveway especially when it’s not the best car in the world it’s hard to realize that it took teams of engineers thousands of hours to take that car from a simple idea to the finished product that takes you to and fro.

Every bolt is in its place for a reason. Every inch of piping in its engine system. Every ball-bearing involved in its’ moving parts. All of these were meticulously designed and placed where they are to make sure that your car doesn’t simply fall apart one day while you’re on the highway leaving you perplexed and more so scared out of your wits.

When it comes to goals or dreams people have a tendency to be slightly vague about what they want. Ask a person how much money they want to make in their lives and you’ll probably receive an answer like ‘lots of money’ but the question then is ‘how much is lots?’ To one person a thousand dollars may be a lot, to another a billion may seem like chump change. The whole point is that you have to be specific about what you want.

Without getting too much into the manner in which the subconscious mind works the one thing that is agreed upon by all psychologists, psychiatrists and all other individuals who study the mind is that it deals best with precise information.

Another thing agreed upon is that there is nothing you can achieve before your subconscious mind is convinced that you can achieve it.

This means that instead of approaching what you want to achieve in a vague manner such as saying ‘I want a six pack by summer time’ what you’ll have to do is set a time limit that is real to you and then pin point exactly what you want. Instead of ‘I want a six pack by summer time’ you would say ‘I will have six pack abs by June 1st 2011.’

Though it may seem like you are ‘over doing it’ the truth is that when you set those goals in your mind exactly what you will find is that the ideas that come to you of what to do will also be more precise.

Instead of images of you working out everyday flashing into your mind, the exact exercise routine will begin to manifest itself. Instead of just thinking of ‘healthy meals’ you’ll begin to seek out the diet that will serve you best.

The time that will exist between the inception of your dream or goal and it being realized is time for you to become more precise about exactly what you want. Being meticulous about what you want in this time is what will lead to you achieving dreams that are both amazing and also exactly what you want.

As much as it doesn’t seem like it the time in between really does help.

Source by Ricky Raynes

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