Best Free Web Browsers: Bitty Browser Review

Bitty Browser is an application that allows users to keep track of their favorite websites while surfing the Web. This fully functional, miniature browser provides you with another way to work with RSS content. Bitty Browser works with podcasts, RSS feeds, and websites. It also provides shortcuts to popular social media platforms like Technorati, Flickr, Windows Live, WordPress, and

This innovative browser enables navigable windows within your favorite websites. It is a popular choice among bloggers, publishers, advertisers, and web developers. Bitty Browser is fully customizable. Users can change the browser’s name, width, height, title bar, button bar, and search bar. They can also choose their favorite shortcuts to services like Google, NetVibes, TypePad, Pageflakes and more.

Bloggers and publishers who want to reach a wider audience can customize the browser by including a link to their sites, and then encourage users to install the application on their computers. You can also set the browser to auto-load content from specific websites and social bookmarking sites, including YouTube, BBC News, Yahoo, Digg, Flickr, and eBay. This way you will stay up to date with your favorite sites all day long. All you have to do is to open the browser and read the news or watch the latest videos on YouTube.

Users can type search terms or URLs directly into the address bar. The browser can be also set to display the Bitty homepage. This new and exciting application gives you a glimpse into the next generation of widgets on several levels. With the Bitty Browser, you can build sites out of blocks of content and embed sites designed for a full PC interface into a tiny window. Simply enter the desired URL and the embed code will be created automatically.

Another aspect that makes this browser so appealing is that it doesn’t require registration. Anyone can download and customize this application without creating an account or providing personal information. You can even add this software to your blog or site via a simple HTML copy/paste. Bitty Browser can be added to any web page. This program is based on two principles:

• People like to create web documents out of discrete blocks
• Conventional page-to-page navigation is useful

Bitty is more than a web-based application. This tiny program offers browser navigation, but it can also be incorporated into your main browser. You can also use Bitty Browser to compare two or more websites and read information from several web pages simultaneously.

Source by Teresa A Douglas

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