Bhad Bhabie calls out Dr. Phil, alleges abuse at treatment camp she was sent to after appearing on the show

Rapper Bhad Bhabie called out Dr. Phil in a YouTube video in which she alleged that she was abused by the behavioral camp for troubled teens she was sent to after appearing on his show.

The rapper, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, was previously featured on an episode of “Dr. Phil” when she was 13. At the TV host’s recommendation, her parents sent her to the Turn-About Ranch in Utah.

In a new YouTube video posted as part of the “Breaking Code Silence,” Bregoli, now 18, speaks directly to the camera and recalls her experience with the ranch that was designed to correct her behavior. 

The singer began the video by noting that she has been reluctant to come forward until now because, per the nature of the facility, she had no way to prove the allegations she’s making.


“That’s the thing with these places, you have no evidence,” she says at the top of the video. “You don’t have a phone there, there’s no cameras there, you don’t have evidence of any of this.” 

Before finally launching into her story, Bregoli called out Dr. Phil specifically, demanding that he issue an apology for recommending the ranch before she handles things “my way.” 

Bhad Bhabie spoke out about the Turn-About Ranch alleging abuse after being sent there following her appearance on 'Dr. Phil.'

Bhad Bhabie spoke out about the Turn-About Ranch alleging abuse after being sent there following her appearance on ‘Dr. Phil.’
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“Dr. Phil, I am going to give you from now until April 5 to issue an apology, not only to me, but to Hannah or any other child you sent to Turn-About or any other program like this, and if you don’t I’m going to handle things my way,” she said.

A spokesperson for Dr. Phil had no comment when reached by Fox News.

Bregoli alleges that she was unaware her parents had decided to send her to the ranch after going on the show. Turn-About Ranch is one of many places recommended for people who appear on “Dr. Phil,” which the singer now takes issue with. 

She alleged that she was brought to this facility that was in the middle of the wilderness “against my will” by “transporters” who allegedly came in the middle of the night, handcuffed her, put her in the car and took her to the Utah ranch. 

She claims she was placed in an open tipi and was not allowed to shower or lie down for the first three days. 

“When I see these people have no sympathy, I was like ‘oh I’m really doomed,'” she said. 

“This place is all about taking away privileges. Like OK yeah, the phone is a privilege, the TV all that, yeah,” she continues. “They take away necessity privileges like sleeping on a bed, good food, not being cold.”

Bregoli said that the ranch did not foster an environment where kids felt comfortable or safe complaining to staff, even if it comes to complaints about other people or safety concerns. She alleges that interacting with staff about complaints or concerns often led to punishment. 


Punishments often included manual labor, while she noted other kids who objected were often physically restrained by staff. 

“It’s just our word against the staff’s word when you’re there because there’s no witnesses, no cameras, you don’t have a phone, none of that. That’s why I was so scared to speak out, I was like ‘nobody’s going to believe me.’”

Representatives for the Turn-About Ranch did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

A former guest on Dr. Phil is speaking out about the treatment facility she went to after being on the show.

A former guest on Dr. Phil is speaking out about the treatment facility she went to after being on the show.

Bregoli noted that she was inspired to speak out after another former guest at the Turn-About Ranch sued the youth treatment facility claiming that she was punished after accusing a male staff member of sexually assaulting her while she was a minor. 

A lawsuit filed by Hannah Archuleta recently in Utah’s 6th District Court alleged that she was sexually assaulted multiple times in 2019 by a male staff member at Turn-About Ranch.


The lawsuit said the Turn-About Ranch “took no remedial action after Ms. Archuleta reported the sexual assaults” and “retaliated against Ms. Archuleta by subjecting her to both physical and emotional abuse to silence her.”

Archuleta was 17 when the alleged abuse took place. She too was sent to the ranch after an appearance on “Dr. Phil.” She said she was sexually assaulted multiple times in the next two months.


Archuleta alleged she reported the incident to a coach, therapist and nurse. The staff, the lawsuit alleges, was skeptical and dismissive.

“I’m not really sure why Dr. Phil still sends kids here, it really doesn’t make sense,” Bregoli concluded in her video. “Are you trying to help them or are you trying to hurt them even more? I mean we all know he’s a phony as it is, but like, don’t be sending kids somewhere just to make it look like you’re trying to do something.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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