Brooke Burke shares her secrets to staying in shape at 49

Brooke Brooke is celebrating a major birthday this year — turning 50 — but the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant isn’t worried about aging.

The Maxim model says she’s taken care of her body her entire life and will continue to exercise and eat a balanced diet as she gets older. 

In fact, Brooke told the DailyMail her secrets to keeping her abs toned and skin looking youthful. 

“I work out five times a week and those other two days I relax,” she admitted. “It’s important to have down time to collect yourself and give yourself a break. On your days off, just take a stroll in your neighborhood, enjoy it.”


As far as switching up her fitness routines during the pandemic, Burke said sometimes she goes outside in her backyard and other times she works out in her living room.

“People have been in a funk because of the lockdown due to COVID-19 but working out can be an answer because it makes your adrenaline flow and it improves your mood,” the Playboy model pointed out. 

Brooke Burke says she works out five days a week even during the pandemic while at home. 

Brooke Burke says she works out five days a week even during the pandemic while at home. 
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Burke previously told Fox News that fitness and wellness are all about consistency and commitment.

“It’s essential to design a lifestyle that’s sustainable and something you will actually enjoy,” she noted. “That way you will use your time wisely. If you gave five minutes, 20 minutes or 45 minutes a day, there’s something for you to do at any age, any stage of your life. You have to learn what works for you, your body and time. It has to be sustainable. That’s how we can make a commitment and achieve our wellness goals.”


As far as her diet goes, the mother-of-four practices intermittent fasting.

“It is one of the easiest ways to lose weight,” Brooke explained to the Daily Mail. “If you can stay in that time frame you have a big advantage.”

Her favorite recipes include foods that contain natural fats such as avocados and macadamia nuts.

Burke practices intermittent fasting as part of her diet. 

Burke practices intermittent fasting as part of her diet. 
(JC Olivera/Getty Images)

“That is brain food that gives you power and energy,” the actress pointed out. “I also use a lot of olive oil and coconut oil in my cooking.”

Burke also likes to keep her beauty routine simple. Vitamin C and eye cream twice a day is her next go-to in addition to sunscreen. 


“One of the most important things I do is to wear sunscreen. I am outdoors a lot for exercise and I love to go to the beach, so it is a must,” she said. “It’s really the best thing you can do for your skin, it stops time in a way.”

Fox News’ Stephanie Nolasco contributed to this report.

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