Can a Laptop Lap Desk Help Reduce the Risk to Male Fertility?

Dr Yefim Sheynkin, from The State University of New York, led a team that researched the effects that a laptop computer can have on male fertility.

It has long been understood that raising the temperature of a man’s crotch can decrease his sperm count, but how big an impact on your fertility can a laptop have? And can a laptop lap desk protect the user?

Dr Sheynkin and his team measured the scrotal temperature of 29 healthy volunteers. The researchers discovered that men who used a computer on their lap for just 1 hour experienced a rise in temperature of their scrotal sacks by almost 3 degrees C (that’s about 5F). Volunteers seated in the same position but who were not using a laptop were also tested – they experienced a rise of just over 2 degrees C.

The 3 Centigrade temperature rise experienced by laptop users is clearly going to have a greater impact on fertility, but the potential for long term damage is still not well understood.

The chip in a modern laptop can be expected to run at temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees Centigrade, depending on how hard the computer is working. It’s quite clear that any device (such as a portable laptop desk) that insulates the legs and groin area from this level of heat is well worth considering for men who are concerned about their future fertility.

Careful readers will have noticed that it’s not just the heat from the laptop that causes the problem; the position required to balance a laptop on your knee requires that your thighs must be quite close together. A laptop lap desk enables the user to spread their knees further apart without risk of the laptop falling to the floor.

Why take the risk of reducing your long term fertility? Get yourself a laptop lap desk – it will keep your important parts at a safe and comfortable temperature!

Source by Graham Ashton

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