Cell Phone Tips and Tricks: Solutions To Virus Attack

Damage to the phone consists of several levels. The term most widely used among the service center is the damage Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Each level depends on the weight or least damage.

For level 1, the interference tends to be mild and can be overcome by the user. One was the treatment of damage caused by viruses.

Most mobile phones are exposed to the virus uses the Symbian operating system 1st edition and 2nd edition.

The Precaution:

1. Install Antivirus

Some viruses that do not disrupt the start-up process can be anticipated with antivirus. Some popular anti-virus is:

– NetQin, this Chinese-made anti-virus available for Symbian phones. It Can be downloaded at netqin.com.

– besides making the PC antivirus, Kaspersky also have special products for mobile products. More information on kaspersky.com

– F-secure, as well as Kaspersky, F-Secure first known in the PC product. You can download it at mobile.f-secure.com.

2. Hard Reset / Format

Hard reset or format the memory is done as a last effort if your phone can no longer able to startup or process into the main menu. If you have this, you can do a hard reset by pressing a secret key, i.e., turn off your phone and press the Call button, Figures 3 and Star buttons simultaneously, then turn on the phone. This method can only be done for mobile phones Symbian 2nd edition.

But you should remember before performing a hard reset, first move the files in phone memory to a safe place such as a memory card. Another way to do a hard reset on the Nokia phone is by pressing the * # 7370 #. And enter the default code 12345

Average damage to the Symbian phones lies on the system or software. The hard reset is supposed to be done before deciding to perform software repair via repair box.

A hard reset also known as Master reset and each brand have different ways to do this. Here’s how to do a master reset for Nokia S40 and communicators.

Nokia S40

– Type the key * # 7780 #,

– Enter the standard code 12 345

– Press yes and the phone will restart.

This method is quite effective to overcome the restart problem.

Nokia Communicator (9210, 9300 and 9500)

– Turn off the phone

– Remove the battery and external memory and then wait about 20 seconds and then insert the battery

– Open the phone to view the inner screen, after the screen is on immediately press CTRL SHIFT F keys simultaneously. Do it before the hand logo appears on the screen.

Be aware of virus threat by being up to date on your cellphone news and review.


Source by Rizqi Andi Triana

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