Comparing Affiliate Marketing And Network Marketing: The Key Points

Are you considering ways to make money this year and wondering about affiliate marketing versus network marketing? Both are great ways to make money online right now as is evidenced by the millions of people doing it all around the world.

Let me lay out a few of the positives and how they apply to affiliate marketing and network marketing specifically.

1. The company. In network marketing the company is the identity of the product. It is extremely important.

In affiliate marketing this is not the case. You will be paying more attention to the business model and then looking at a specific affiliate merchant or affiliate network of merchants.

Let me give you a few examples.

When you research network marketing you’re going to see some of the top companies that have been around for a long time. These include Amway, Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Herballife, and many more. You can identify with the company as much as you can with the individual products themselves.

When you are looking at affiliate marketing you are going to consider the business model first and then look at specific companies or network or companies.

If you want to make money with pay per click Google AdSense is the primary opportunity here. With cost per action affiliate marketing you’re going to look at networks such as Clickbooth, Commission Junction, Max Bounty, Neverblue, and so on.

With pay per sale programs you might look at Amazon or Click Bank, but you also might look at individual affiliate merchants that you’ve never even heard of that offer a great product you can make money selling.

2. Ways to make money. This is another major difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing.

As an affiliate you are almost entirely responsible for your own success. To make more money you have to have more products you are promoting in the marketplace. The exception to this would be with two-tier affiliate programs were you can recruit frontline members and make money on their actions.

With network marketing your income can greatly be affected by how your downline performs. Initially you can have a tremendous influence on that by the number of people you personally sponsor, but eventually you need those people to be building their own businesses to make more money yourself.

That’s the primary thing you need to consider when deciding whether to become an affiliate marketer or network marketer. If the idea of getting paid on the efforts of other appeals to you then network marketing is definitely the way to go. Otherwise you might want to look at affiliate marketing and try out the various business models where you earn money on your own efforts.

Source by Jeff Schuman

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