CPAC 2021 speakers: Rick Scott at CPAC says establishment Republicans want to ‘retreat’

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott of Florida on Friday accused “establishment” Republicans of wanting to go “backwards” to what he claimed the party used to represent.

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“The Washington establishment breathed a sigh of relief when President Trump left town,” Scott said at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Fla. “There are plenty of people in Washington who were hoping that we can go back to regular order. Go back to where the Republican Party used to be. They want to retreat to a safe space.”

He argued if the party goes back to its old roots, conservatives won’t be able to win elections and the party will lose working-class voters, a group that “President Trump so animated.” 

Trump is scheduled to make his first major post-presidential speech at the conference on Sunday.  

The conference is the largest annual gathering of conservative activists and leaders. Fox Nation is a sponsor of CPAC 2021.

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