Delicious Travel Memories

Like most, I especially love the shopping and dinning around the world. Dinning in New Orleans, and New York City were my favorite. I loved New Orleans’s Royal Orleans, in the French Quarter and Commanders Palace, in the Garden District. Jazz Musicians came to every table and the memories of the food and music lingered the rest of the week.

The Plaza Hotel had great dining, that was where you would find me in New York City. Top of the Sixes and the Four Seasons were two of my favorite then.

However, if I had to pick one place where the food and shopping was the best, I would have to say Thailand.

Not wanting a regular tour, the agent booked me on a flight to Bangkok with a two-night reservation at the Sheraton Hotel. A couple of days later I found the beautiful Omni Watergate Hotel, a better location with wonderful breakfasts-Asian dishes of all kinds. The area was near Dress-Makers and shops. I changed my American money to their Baht and booked a week there. Traveling the different areas of shopping in Bangkok, a typical cab ride cost was no more than fifty cents to a dollar.

The following two weeks I spent in Phuket Town and phi phi Island. Using the airlines in Thailand was costly. I have since learned a Train ride would have been much less expensive and more beautiful a trip.

The beaches were exciting and inviting, but I was warned at the time to be careful of the currents. Traveling north, I spent a few days in Chaig Rai. I went to the night market where there were booths of food, entertainment, and natives selling their creations. Everything I tasted was incredible. the art pieces I bought were unique and cheap in price.

Moving on to Chaig Mai for another week, I took some cooking lessons at a school run by Permpoon and Suriyan Nabnian. We all had our own cook tops, and shared our finished products with students from around the world.

I loved the sweet and spicy seasonings and was able to re-create my Thai specialties when I came home. Thailand was one of my most memorable experiences

When I am too busy to travel, I spend some time in places like Epcot Center, Disney. It brings back memories as I dine in the different Epcot World Restaurants.

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