Democratic New York official allegedly filmed playing hockey after his health department closed ice rink

A New York Democratic executive from Erie County has come under scrutiny after being accused of apparently playing hockey with a handful of people at a rink, despite the fact that a nearby rink was closed due to COVID-19 concerns for hosting scrimmages.

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw, a Republican, posted a video that allegedly shows Mark Poloncarz (in all black) shooting around on a hockey rink with up to 14 others.

Poloncarz previously said that he skated alone on the rink in a Twitter post, before a group skate began.


Mychajliw said he is bothered by the hypocrisy of Poloncarz failing to follow coronavirus-related restrictions, intended to help prevent the spread of the virus, at a time when kids are unable to take to the ice.

“I’m thrilled we can begin the discussion on letting kids play hockey, the same way Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz and his ‘mates’ do,” Mychajliw said in a statement. “I think it’s wonderful Mark Poloncarz plays hockey, shoots the puck around, while his friends engage in scrimmages. Kids and youth leagues should be able to do the same. My issue: political hypocrisy. Rules for thee, but not for me.”

Mychajliw went on to say that the Erie County Executive’s Health Department shut down “Holiday Twin Rinks” for having scrimmages – but the one that Poloncarz played at appears to have escaped the same fate.

A spokesperson for Poloncarz told Fox News on Wednesday that Mychajliw was spreading disinformation and suggested that a storyline was being fabricated where there was none.

“On Sunday morning, the County Executive arrived early to skate alone; he left as others were arriving to take the ice at 7 AM,” the spokesperson said. “Nothing he did was against any COVID-safety rules, nothing out of the ordinary.”

The spokesperson added that the rink that Poloncarz skated at was not closed.


This story has been updated with a statement from a spokesperson for the County Executive.

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