Do We Want Our Countryside Littered With Cell Phone Towers?

Many in the rural outposts are cock a hoop with the chance to finally get rid of the clatter of dreadfully slow dial up internet services and those rural dwellers who work from home are even happier as they feel for the first time able to compete on an even keel with their colleagues and competitors living in the city.

It’s not all good news from here though as some small pockets of resistance are developing to the infrastructure needed to deliver the high speed broadband services. You see something everybody agrees upon is that the towers needed to carry the wireless transceivers that facilitate the connection for these rural dwellers to the high speed web based world of today are ugly and in many areas of natural beauty which should definitely not be allowed and some even say that the emissions from the broadband towers are just as dangerous to health as the cell phone radiation that emits from the cell towers supporting mobile voice connections that have long been the cause for cell phone health concerns.

Never mind cock a hoop I hear you say more like poppy cock there’s nothing wrong with cell phone radiation and this cell phone cancer debate is nonsense, the Health Protection Agency here in the UK say there is nothing to worry about after all. Well yes that’s true but there are more ex plumbers terminally ill in 2010 as a result of exposure to asbestos than fatalities on Britain’s roads and the authorities took a long time to recognise the suspicions of those enlightened early to the dangers of asbestos.

So should we allow the wireless broadband transmitters needed for rural high speed internet to proceed unhindered into our pretty converted farmyards, and if not what are the alternatives? The short answer is no and not much! The consensus around the globe now regarding mobile phone radiation dangers is that not enough is known and more research needs to be done into this subject and that until the research is carried out we need to adopt a precautionary attitude as to how much of this stuff we are exposed to and bear in mind that the asbestos the government once promoted for everybody’s lofts is now completely banned and any exposure to it must be avoided at all costs.

So if you want to live in the country but you need high speed internet access and you want it on the wires then you have to live within about five miles of your BT exchange or talk to your voice connection provider about which wired services they provide such as ISDN 2e which is a very stable constant medium speed (somewhere between dial up and current broadband speeds) data connection.

Source by Paul Yates

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