Does Jelqing Work In Only 6 Minutes A Day?

Jelqing, the exercise known for increasing penis size, has quite a number of different routines and programs available. They range upwards to an hour to complete, to some routines which only require several minutes to perform. Let’s start out by saying that in general it’s the shorter and more concise routines that tend to be the best. Not only do they provide all the physical exercises required to make jelqing effective, but they provide some very important mental edges as well:

  • Those who only have to perform minutes of jelqing a day are much more likely to stick with the exercise as opposed to those who follow a routine that requires a long session of penis exercising where the chances of burnout and boredom are much greater.

So why do long and cumbersome penis enlargement exercise routines exist if they are less effective, take much more time, and are likely to cause the trainee to burn out and not stick with the program?

It comes down to the classic human error in thinking that “doing more will bring about greater results”. This can be seen clearly in the area of weightlifting where trainees will train everyday for over an hour in hopes to grow their muscles to larger size. Time and again this approach completely fails as it constitutes gross over training of the muscles, allowing absolutely no time for rest, recovery and re-growth to occur. It is exactly this rest period which is needed for the muscles to grow. But instead of rest, the body is introduced to even more stress the next day.

Furthermore, the trainee tends to mentally get burned out on such a routine as well, especially when they aren’t experiencing the muscle building results they are after.

As humans we like to over complicate things. Make them more complex and convoluted than is necessary. But in the end, it’s usually the basics which win out.

So what about jelqing? Does jelqing work in only minutes a day? Specifically, does jelqing work in only 6 minutes a day?

There are a few very popular routines out there which label themselves as “6 minute a day” routines. While we demonstrated above how the thinking “more is better” is not always accurate, we also shouldn’t assume that “less is better”. What we are after is “the right amount for the individual to bring about results.”

This type of short can be a good baseline to work off of. But, let’s get realistic about the whole “6 minutes a day”. This really shouldn’t be seen as an exact time table for when you start and stop your jelq routine, and here’s why:

  • Don’t forget about “warm up” and “warm down” time, which is required to do both before your start your jelqing routine and after you finish. This usually entails simply wrapping your penis in a warm washcloth for a few minutes. This usually is left out of the short routines, or else only a minute or so is devoted to doing the warm up. You may need longer to warm the penis up and you may wish to warm it down longer as well.
  • To enhance the jelqing exercise, stretches are usually added in between reps of jelqing. So for instance you may do a set of jelqs and then proceed to do a set of stretches, then go back to jelqs. Now the good news is that stretches are usually included within the 6 minute routine (this is why the shorter routines are said to be effective because you are super setting both jelqing and stretching back to back.) We mention stretches only to point out the 6 total minutes are usually not spent solely on jelqing, but stretches are included as well.
  • It’s going to take some more than 6 minutes to finish the routine. Realistically not everyone is going to be able to complete a good jelq routine in only 6 minutes. It may take you more like 10 minutes. So don’t think it’s an exact time frame. It’s going to vary, and those starting out will need more time to get used to the exercise.

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