Dr. Alveda King to Georgia voter ID critics: ‘Identify me, I know who I am’

Georgia native Dr. Alveda King joined “Fox & Friends” Thursday to push back on criticism that the state’s new voter identification requirements for casting absentee ballots are racist. The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. also disagreed with the left comparing the state’s election reforms to Jim Crow laws. 


ALVEDA KING: We fought against Jim Crow insisting, “Give me my identity, see me as a human being equally. Ethnically my skin color may teach you something about me, but I’m one human race.”

So now to say, “You don’t need an ID, you don’t need an identity, why do you need an identity? Why does anybody need to know who you are?” Please see me, please know me. And anyway, the IDs that they’re saying for voter registration and the ability to go to the polls and vote, that’s free government-issued ID, you could get free ID. So why throw away your identity, fight and say you don’t need an identity, just show up anonymously? No, we want to be identified as citizens of the United States of America who helped to build a grand nation. Yes, we did. 

And going back to Jim Crow and reminding us of the racism in those days and the segregation, it was bad, very, very, very bad. I know it was. I lived it. Our home was bombed. I’ve got a dead daddy and a dead uncle who can attest to how bad it was. But they said to come together.

Martin Luther King Jr., learn to live together as brothers and sisters and not perish together as fools. Somebody wants to steal your identity and convince you you don’t even need an identity? Identify me, I know who I am.



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