Free Laptop – Is This for Real?

Let’s talk brass tacks here when it comes to the hype surrounding a free laptop. What is the deal with all these offers for a free laptop? It seems everywhere you look on the Internet we are being offered free laptops. Is this for real? Or is it too good to be true?

Well, whenever you hear the word “free” a red flag should automatically go up in your mind. If it doesn’t, it should. Whether it’s a free laptop or a free ice cream cone, free is a dangerous word. If businesses went around giving stuff away for free, they would never be in business for very long. So it just begs the question: How can people be giving away free laptops?

Well, there are four things of which you should be aware when you see an offer for a laptop for free:

First of all, it is indeed possible to get a laptop for free. It is. That’s a fact.

Second, it behooves everyone to do their research and be careful about which of these free laptop offers they bite on. Getting a laptop for free is not impossible, but you need to know where to look and who you can trust. Watch out for scams. Be smart.

Third, determine exactly what you want. There are many models and types of free laptops on the market, so you just need to spend a few hours on the Internet figuring out what you would like. This is time consuming, but also very important. Free laptops include everything from DVRs, USB ports, headphones and microphone jacks, and web cams. It all just depends what you want.

Fourth, the catch to some of these free laptops is that you usually have to sign up for several other services in order to get your free laptop. For example, the price of the laptop you are getting is usually paid by the person who is trying to recruit you for these other services.

Let’s say, for example, that you own a timeshare resort. You may offer one of your owners $1000 if they refer three other people to your timeshare resort. As a timeshare resort, potential owners are very, very valuable. A resort may spend between $300-$500 in marketing alone just to get an interested buying to come look at the resort. So it is certainly worth your money to pay an existing owner $1000 to get three of their friends to come see the timeshare resort. Even if only one of those people ends up buying a timeshare from you, it will pay for itself in no time at all. Make sense?

Anyway, that is kind of how the laptop offers work. If someone is willing to give you a laptop for free, they are also trying to refer you for some other services. So the person giving away the free laptop gets you to sign up for several other trial offers or subscriptions. This person then gets about $1000 commission, and they turn around and buy you a $500 laptop. It is legitimate, but you just need to be careful and make sure that you keep track of all these trial subscriptions and that you cancel them after the trail period. If you don’t cancel them, you will get enrolled automatically. And that’s when it gets expensive. The laptop for free becomes less and less free the longer you keep your subscriptions and memberships active.

Source by Rick Porter

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