Get Home Transcription Work Without Specialized Training

Home transcription is a very practical job for people who want to work from home and capitalize on their typing skills. Home transcribing jobs can be found all over the internet.

You can get transcription jobs without special and extensive training if you can prove that you have good typing, grammar and listening skills. You have to be able to accurately type what you hear on an audio recording.

Employers will give you one or more transcription test to evaluate your skills. Don’t take any tests until you are ready.

You can find everything you need online to prepare yourself for home transcription jobs. Any skills such as typing and grammar skills you need to improve can be improved by using online tools and without the need to take expensive and costly transcription courses.

Of course, you’ll need typing skills. Your income will depend on the amount of work you’ll do and how fast you can do it. After using some typing tutorials, you should practice typing until you obtain the desired speed and accuracy. Typing newspaper and magazine articles is a free and effective way to practice typing and enhance your typing skill. If you have a minimum typing speed of 40 words per minute, you can start making money with non-urgent transcription jobs and practice your speed at the same time.

Accuracy is a must. You can improve grammar and punctuation with online grammar tutorials

The next thing you’ll need to do is install transcription software. You can find free software online. After installing the software, get familiar with it by using practice files. You can even download podcasts from the internet to practice with.

You don’t need to purchase any equipment or software to prepare yourself for transcription tests and transcription work. When you’re getting work, you may be required to get a foot pedal and headset. And even if the employer doesn’t require those, I recommend getting them as they will improve your productivity and speed and make your transcription jobs easier. But don’t buy anything until you’re ready and have your first job lined up. And don’t buy any software or equipment from companies in order to get work from them. Potential employers asking you to buy software or foot pedals from them are a major red flag! Don’t do! Just start with the free software and after you’ve built some experience and want to be able to read more file formats, you can purchase some more advanced software from reliable companies.

Practice until you’re ready for the tests! Follow directions exactly and verify your finished transcript before submitting! Good luck in getting your first home transcription job!

Source by Leva Duell

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