Hannity blasts Biden press conference performance: ‘Our enemies are watching, this is embarrassing’

In the opening monologue on Thursday’s “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity railed against President Biden’s news conference earlier in the day in which he used notes to answer questions from a friendly White House press corps.

HANNITY: Our enemies are watching, this is embarrassing. Have you ever seen an American president rely on a book of cheat sheets before? To ever answer a simple question at a press conference? It is pathetic. It’s embarrassing. And let’s be clear, the compliant media mob wasn’t exactly throwing Joe any tough curve balls. They were incredibly polite and kind.

Hannity also asked who was really running the White House, saying that if President Biden is not up for the job, he should not be doing the job.

HANNITY: A competent president should not need to prep for days on end to answer a few simple questions. This is the hardest job in the world. A commanding, 24/7 job. Ask yourself, is Joe, in your view—the American people—up to the job, to perform well even in a press conference? After practicing for days, what is he capable of doing? Anything? Because honestly, we really need to ask who is running the show at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Is it Vice President Harris? Is it Chief of Staff Ron Klain? Is it Schumer? Is it Pelosi? Is Barack Obama? Is it Susan Rice? Because it’s certainly not the frail, the weak, and the cognitively struggling guy we all witnessed today. If Joe Biden is not capable of doing the job, he shouldn’t be in the job. So much is at stake. And our enemies are watching.



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