Have You Ever Tripped on a Laptop Power Chord?

It happened to me one hot summer evening 2 years back. I was writing this proposal on my dining room table – with this spanking new laptop.

Ring ring.. ring ring.. Its 7pm and that phone that is ringing needs to be to be picked up .. NOW. Its my boss checking my progress. I literally jumped out of my chair to pick up that phone. It took less than 10th of a second. I was lying flat on the floor with my nose seeking south. You guessed right. I forgot all about the ringing phone the ringing in the ear was louder, and the patch on my face from the ER later that evening lasted for 3 weeks. And I had just experienced the full glory of tripping on my laptop’s power chord.

That was the story 2 years back..

Now this whole sequence was replaying in my head as I was at the Apple store a few weeks back shopping for a new laptop. I have always been a mac aficionado, but this moment was special. And what I held in my hands at that moment appeared to be the perfect palliative to my anguish.

It was the newest Macbook Pro incorporating its newest innovation – the Magsafe Power Connector. This one innovation can save hundreds of laptops from flying off desks, prevent people from tripping at airports and even better, save people from the hospital.

I learned later that the magsafe power connector was introduced by Apple on its Macbook Pro line of laptops. Launched at Macworld 2006, the magsafe power connector originated from a concept that was used in deep friers originally, which prevented the friers from falling down and spilling hot oil. A lateral technological adoption that seems out of the world !!

The Magsafe power connector is magnetically attached to the laptop. So if you were ever to trip on the power chord, the power chord will detach with ease – just as easily as peeling a magnetic sticker from your refrigerator. And your laptop and the power chord and your bones can live to tell the story! Halleluiah!!!


Source by J Thomas

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