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We have all seen them. Ads for Work at Home, Start an Online Business, Web Store Startup, Make Easy Money, etc. We'd all like to make big money online, but FEW of us know where or how to start.

Oh, they all promise to show us how, but few actually do. They like to collect your money and then leave it up to you to try and succeed online.

Let me tell you, despite what the marketers of these online businesses want you to believe, any internet business TAKES WORK in order to be successful !! After all, working online IS still a job and takes work. Especially until you can learn about running a web business, what's required and get things all set up. The only place that "success" comes before "work" is in the dictionary! As I have found, it all comes down to EUI.

What is EUI? Well, first you have to EDUCATE yourself (that is learn) about what it takes to operate a business. You need to learn about the internet and how it works, what is required to set up a domain name (the "address" for your business online) and website. What should you watch for in a service to "Host" (make it available on the web) your website? What about Auto Responders? How about a credit card processing company to take payments for you? How do you market and drive potential customers to your web address? Questions such as these are all part of Educating yourself about what is needed to be successful online.

However, it is NOT ENOUGH to simply learn about what is needed to be a success in an online business, you must also UNDERSTAND what you have learned. What purpose it plays in your business, how to utilize it properly and how you will benefit from it.

But, it's not enough to be successful to have taken the time to really learn about running a business online and actually understanding what you have learned, you must also IMPLEMENT (or do) those things. EUI … Education, Understanding and Implementation.

Failure to sufficiently and continuously do all three is part of why some 97% of those who start an online businesses fail. If you will invest the necessary time and effort to do it correctly, you can be part of the three percent who make good money and enjoy the freedom of working at home running a business on the web.


Source by Dale Fredrick

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