Instant Online Investigations – The Bad News and the Good News

Cell phone customers will soon find it much easier to determine who’s been “calling and hanging up” because Maclin Enterprises will incorporate in Ohio as soon as early November, 2007. The company will hold as one of its assets, one of the nation’s leading online cell phone number search services. The decision to incorporate was made in response to a 5-year partnership agreement between the company and Intelius, Inc. of Washington.

The deal enables Cell Phone USA to provide its customers with reverse cell phone lookup, background check, people search and related online investigative services. Customers will have access to what has become the largest telephone database in the world. Their website will offer more than 50 different services that will effectively streamline the process of information gathering, compress the time it takes to determine critical information about offending parties and assist individuals in defending themselves against those who might otherwise invade their privacy..

In an exclusive interview, Steven A. Maclin, President of Cell Phone USA explained that “. . . since we’ve been able to offer reverse phone lookup and instant background checks at such affordable rates, it appears more customers have discovered how useful they can be… for instance, in determining who’s been making crank calls on their cell phones.” A lot of good people with bad luck get “ugly crank calls” on their cell phones in the middle of the night. Though many would like to confront the caller, their phones are just not sophisticated enough to provide them with that information. So they lie in their beds, terrified. That’s bad. Here’s why:

A few years back, phone companies provided the “*69 service” — which addressed this problem rather nicely, particularly if you used it before another call came in. This has mostly been replaced by the more recent “caller ID services.” With these services, phone companies provide the feature for a small fee, and users purchase upgraded telephones that display the names and phone numbers of those who call — except, that is, when callers use cell phones or have unlisted/ unpublished phone numbers. The good news, however, is that the overall cost of caller ID is relatively small, so the feature has become quite popular.

Thus, when caller ID furnishes you with name or number, Cell Phone USA can almost immediately lookup the owner’s address, maiden/ married names, aliases, relatives, marriage/ birth/ death records, age and lots more information, even from “unlisted/ unpublished” and cell phones. The charge for its services vary, depending on the type of investigation, but reverse cell phone lookup services cost about $14.99.

Source by Steven Maclin

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