Is it Really Worthwhile to Have an Online Income Business?

Many people when comparing the benefits of running an online income business from home against a regular job will tell you that you will have the type of freedom that a normal job does not allow. Although this is great it really is impossible to actually measure accurately between the two.

At the beginning of 2010 the unemployment rate had grown considerably and some reports even claimed that as many as 9 million jobs in the USA alone would not be reinstated when the economy improves.

Traditionally the advice that most high school teenagers were given was to stay in school graduate and get a professional degree if they wanted to be successful in life. Unfortunately this advice is no longer valid if you look at the amount of money the average family spends in a year.

To begin with you will work for approximately 4 months just to cover your taxes, so for every 8 hours that you work 3 hours of pay will go to the taxman. Even in the depth of the recession the average worker spends the best part of $ 1.25 for every $ 1 earned. If you consider that it costs about $ 250,000 to raise a child from birth to the age of 17, this after your normal everyday living expenses it becomes quite scary.

This is exactly why so many people today are looking at the possibility of starting their own business online from home. Globally more and more people are working from home and in the United States alone there are close to 36.6 million home based offices. Combined these work from home businesses generate in the region of $ 427 billion of revenue. This is more than the drug, medical and hospitality industries generate when added together.

It is estimated that more than 50% of businesses started every year will be online income businesses run from home. Another point is that these online businesses have quite a high rate of success over a period of time.

Starting an online business from home is not the ideal for everyone but it is something worth considering when one looks at the statistics. Working in a regular job and taking in to consideration the state of the economy and the normal living expenses that an average family has then a small online income business can be a viable proposition.

A small business from home can be either a good source of additional income or it can in time totally replace the income from a regular job. You must keep in mind though that it takes a certain type of person to run a home based business successfully. You need to be motivated and self disciplined for it to work at all. If you think that an online income business from home is an option for you in the future then check out the statistics as they are certainly in your favor.

Source by Michelle Jayes

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