Jesse Watters: ‘Media uses racism to sell fear’

Watters’ World‘ host Jesse Watters slammed Democrats and mainstream media Saturday for using race relations in the United States to sell fear and control the population. 

JESSE WATTERS: Now, I’m not going to sit up here as a white guy and say racism isn’t an issue or doesn’t exist – of course it does. But there’s this perception that racism is everywhere, even as the facts tell a different story. In fact, America has never been less racist than it is today. Attitudes about housing, equality, mixed marriages, discrimination in hiring, language itself. These attitudes have never been more open-minded than they are in 2021.

In the last 20 years, race relations have been positive, hovering around 70%. Blacks and whites saying they’re good. That is until around 2014 when the perception of race relations started to decline a little. This is precisely the moment social media exploded. Black lives matter came onto the scene, and the Ferguson effect took hold. Police officer pulling back and inner-city crime spiking.

The Democrat media plays a massive role exploiting the racial divide. The perception of race relations also started to deteriorate just at the exact same time the New York Times began identifying a person’s race in their news articles. ‘so and so, who is white” or “so and so, who is black.” These racial attributions at the time spiked in 2014, further undermining America’s race relations. So, when you hear the media sell a story about racist white police hunting down and murdering unarmed black men, and these are the facts the media won’t want you to know.

Last year, there were 50 million interactions between police and suspects, and 10 million arrests last year. Now, out of all that, 18 unarmed black Americans were fatally shot by police, and 24 unarmed White Americans. Police have killed more unarmed Whites than unarmed Blacks. And that’s true so far in 2021 as well. An unarmed Black American who a police officer makes contact with has a .000036% chance of being fatally shot. A study by the Manhattan Institute shows a majority of Black Americans and White liberals believe young black men are more likely to be shot dead by police then die in a traffic accident. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They’re more likely to die in a traffic accident.

So, how did our perception of reality get so off-base? Because the media uses racism to sell fear. A scared population can be controlled. The more the Democrat media can make Black Americans fear whites, police, and Republicans, the more likely it is for Black Americans to vote Democrat.


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