Laptop Repair Questions: What’s Wrong With My Laptop?

Catastrophe: your laptop has stopped working. If it’s under warranty, you are hoping the manufacturer will take care of the repair. But how long will that take? Can you go without your laptop for 3 weeks or longer? No, you need it fixed now. That means taking it to a local shop and having it repaired quickly and professionally. So how do you know who to choose? If you’re looking for Maryland laptop repair, follow these guidelines:

Laptop will not charge: If you are unable to get a charge for your laptop or you need to wiggle the cord and hold it at a certain angle to get power, you need a DC jack repair. This is the most difficult laptop repair because it involves disassembling the entire unit and then soldering a new power jack on to the motherboard. Do NOT try this yourself if you are not proficient in soldering. Some shops even outsource this repair because it requires soldering.

If you need laptop screen repair: Your screen is cracked, has lines across the screen, there’s a red colored tint developing or the screen is very dim. It’s time to get the screen replaced with a brand new one. This repair should generally cost under $200.00 and you should get a good warranty with the labor (We recommend no less than 30 days! Shop around for a 90 day warranty from a local provider).

If the lights are on, but nothing is happening when the power button is pressed: your motherboard is probably damaged. This repair can take longer than the others based on how extensive the damage is and how many chips need to be ordered. Pricing should be under $250.00. Get a warranty for this one! If your unit is known to have a manufacturer defect with the motherboard, repairing the unit will not prevent a recurring issue!

Laptop repairs can be very expensive but you can find a few small local shops that are able to repair your computer for a good price. If your computer is out of warranty, consider taking it to a local business for repair service as they will usually be much faster and much less expensive than nationwide repair shops. Even if you are sure about what needs fixing, have the laptop repair shop diagnose the machine anyway because sometimes multiple problems can be found and that might get expensive.

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