Live updates: Roger Stone sentenced

Before the hearing began, Roger Stone watched attentively as the pews filled with reporters, friends, family, and well-wishers.

There was a large cohort from the Justice Department in attendance, but none of the Robert Mueller prosecutors who handled Stone’s case. Many of those prosecutors attended past sentencing hearings for key players.

During the hearing, Stone paid close attention and took notes while his lawyer argued that he never really threatened witness Randy Credico.

Later, Stone fidgeted around in his seat while Judge Jackson explained how he lied to the court and obstructed the proceedings, including when he posted an image of her in crosshairs on his social media page. 

Stone’s stepdaughter leaned forward at times, with her hands clasped in front of her face, while Jackson delivered Stone’s sentence.  

Michael Caputo, a longtime Stone friend and colleague, was hunched over at times, staring at the ground while the sentence was read.  

Another one of Stone’s supporters sat with his hands in front of his face, covering his eyes. 

After the verdict was delivered and the court adjourned, some of the Justice Department lawyers who watched the case were overheard praising Jackson and how she handled the hearing. One woman said it’s “amazing how her brain works so quickly.” 

After the hearing, Stone exited the courtroom with a smirk, looking at the crowd of reporters and supporters who gathered to see him leave. He declined to comment on the sentence.

While Stone was walking around the courthouse, doing paperwork, someone apparently tried to film him. This drew a swift and loud rebuke from the court staff, who reminded the crowd that recordings aren’t permitted inside the courthouse.

“Let the marshals do their job,” Stone said.

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