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The Absence of Magic

If your everyday life is driving you crazy, if you feel that you’re stuck in a rut that you had no idea existed until you found yourself at the bottom of it, then you’re probably thinking in the way your parents thought and generations before them. Our teaching about how life is has developed over thousands of years, and in truth is not just outdated, it’s impersonal.

You are not your parents or grandparents, you are a unique individual, and falling into the birth – school – work – mortgage – retirement trap can be soul destroying, yet people feel desperate and stay put because subconsciously it’s safer.

Instant Upending

If you’re one of those people being driven crazy by your everyday reality, don’t for one second think of throwing everything upside down immediately and making a mad dash for freedom and excitement. You probably have responsibilities, a job, a mortgage, and you don’t want to destroy your life you want to improve it.

Instead start thinking carefully about the life of your dreams, don’t worry about how practical those dreams are or how you might make them happen. First work out what would be the happiest possible life, then expand out and start thinking about what actions to take.

My personal preference is to use a mind-map and put ‘happiness’ in the centre, then add anything that, to me, leads to happiness. Once I have the top-level sorted out I then look at each item and see what I need to do in order to achieve that change.

Once you have created a vision you can start creating a step-by-step plan for permanent, positive change.

One Step at a Time

It’s tempting to rush at change like a bull at a gate, but if you want to achieve a successful outcome it’s better to take a small step, test it out, tweak it or accept it, and then move on.

Don’t worry that this sounds like a slow process, it’s better to be slow, steady, and successful, than do too much too quickly, fail and give up.

So Many Complications

You may feel that so much is wrong it’s impossible to put it right, and I understand that. There was a time in my life when absolutely nothing was working, I was in the wrong place, the wrong house, the wrong job, the wrong marriage, with many wrong people. It took me time to work out where to start, but it was well worth it.

I started with earning enough money to take care of myself and then worked out the rest from there. I needed to move out of my marriage and believed, correctly as it transpired, that no one would help me I would have to help myself. So finance was key to success, and I was successful.

The Magic Answer

We all look for magic answers outside of us, but change will only happen if you believe that change is possible, and if you’re ready to do the dreaming, visualising, and taking of actions that will bring about the change.

You might feel that other people know best about you, and people will certainly be happy to share their ideas of who you are, and often have different viewpoints, but if you want to be successful you’re going to need to get to know yourself and trust yourself first and foremost. Advice from others is sensible, but at the end of the day it has to feel right to you, and it’s very easy to become confused about who you are if you ask too many people.

Always remember that people might have a vested interest in seeing you in the way they do, the only thing that’s important is that when you look in a mirror you see you, and you trust you.

Keep Going

If you’re going to do this you’re going to face hurdles, just take a breath and deal with each one. People will tell you that you cross those bridges when you come to them, and that can sound daunting, just think of the bridges as bridges from a present you don’t want to a future you do want, rather than problems. Just steps forward.

Good luck, be strong, trust yourself, create the life you want.

You are the only magician who can change your life!

Source by Deb Hawken

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