Makeup artist is latest woman to file lawsuit against Deshaun Watson

Another woman stepped forward Wednesday accusing star NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual assault and harassment during massage sessions.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Houston makeup artist against the Houston Texans‘ signal-caller just before 4 p.m., according to the Harris County records.

According to the lawsuit, Watson reached out to her last September and asked if she was an aesthetician. After she told him that she wasn’t, Watson followed that up asking if she gave massages and she responded by saying yes.


The woman said that Watson allegedly told her to dress comfortably “in yoga pants or workout clothes” and when she arrived at Watson’s house, she reiterated to him that she wasn’t a licensed massage therapist. The quarterback responded by asking for a Swedish massage.

The lawsuit states that the woman massaged Watson’s upper thighs and glutes for nearly an hour before turning over — fully naked with his penis exposed — and he allegedly directed her to “go closer to his genitals and anus, repeatedly.”

The woman said that Watson urged her to grab his penis, but she responded by saying that she wanted to remain professional, according to the lawsuit. When she was finished, Watson paid her $160 through CashApp and allegedly groped her in a “touchy hug” while walking her downstairs and out of the house.

In November, Watson allegedly reached out to her for a second massage after 10 p.m. The woman said to Watson that she wanted to remain professional, but he started the session by lying face-up and naked on a bath towel with his penis exposed, according to the lawsuit.


The woman stated that Watson moved his hips around and instructed her on how to touch him.

“Plaintiff placed her hand on his penis while he raised his hips masturbating himself. (Watson) sat up and he tried to lean in to kiss her, Plaintiff quickly turned her head away. Watson tried to stroke her hair, and kept trying to kiss her,” the lawsuit stated.

According to the lawsuit, the woman says that she was “mentally beat” from Watson’s pursuit to get what he wanted. And because she wanted the massage session to end, the woman finally did what Watson told her to do.

The woman said that Watson groped her again, asked her to take off her pants, and ejaculated on her hand, according to the lawsuit. After he was finished, the woman says that she went to the bathroom to clean off her hands, grabbed her bag, and left, the lawsuit stated.

Watson sent her $200 through CashApp this time around as she was driving home, the lawsuit stated. The woman “now feels ashamed, embarrassed, deeply distressed and confused by Watson’s manipulating the massage and her into sexual coercion”, according to the lawsuit.


Attorney Tony Buzbee represents 22 women who are suing Watson, accusing him of similar accusations of using massage therapy sessions as a form of sexual assault and harassment. 

Buzbee said all 22 women planned to release their names.

One lawsuit against Watson was dismissed, his attorney Rusty Hardin said on Tuesday.

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