Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack – Is it Worth It?

Modern Warfare 2 is the epitome of FPS gaming. The game has made over one billion dollars, showing its popularity, and how much of a cash cow it is. Now, Activision has decided to price the Stimulus Map Pack at $15, and it only contains three new maps, and two maps from the previous Call of Duty 4. The question on everyone’s mind is if they should buy the pack, or leave it and not line Activision’s pockets.

A lot of people, especially PC gamers, complain about the pricing. First of all, this is one of the most expensive map packs to have ever come out for a video game, and full on expansion packs to other games have cost the same or only five dollars more. Activision has come under fire, and many have said the “Stimulus” is only for the greedy corporate publishers, not for the gamers that are spending their hard-earned cash.

Before we start to put blame on Activision and make noise about how they are a bad company and stealing money, let’s take a look at the map pack itself. Many reviews have already been written on the pack, and generally, the reviews have been favorable, citing exciting new level design, and a love for the classic maps that came with pack. Obviously, the cons were the relatively high price, but there were typically no other negatives included in the review. That’s great news. Infinity Ward, the studio behind the development of the game, has created a fun, engaging, and exciting map pack for gamers to enjoy everywhere.

But then again, this is just a map pack, and it doesn’t add new perks, new weapons, or anything of that sort. Just maps. If you want to learn a bit more about advantages of certain classes and perks on the new maps, check out Call of Duty Strategy.

But Activision has to to ruin the fun.

All in all, it’s your choice whether you want to get the map pack or not, but so many people have bought it at this point, that if you don’t have it you will be ostracized, and it will be harder to get into games, because you are lacking the map pack and can’t get into many games. This, in essence, divides the community, and forces the other side to pay up, and gain access to the exclusive Stimulus Map Pack club.

Source by Damian Mastylo

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