Motorola H5 – World’s Smallest Bluetooth Headset

The Motorola H5 Miniblue Bluetooth headset is the best option for your Bluetooth needs. While you may be looking at other similar Bluetooth headsets, the Motorola H5 Miniblue clearly wins them over when all things are considered.

In the not too distant passed, if you had a Bluetooth on your head it meant that you needed to see a dentist, right away. A Bluetooth was defiantly nothing anyone would ever wish for. How times have changed for the better. Now, if you look in the mirror and see a Bluetooth when you smile, you have nothing to worry about. In fact the reason you are probably smiling is because you have the latest in communications technology plugged on your happy head. How can that be? Well, let me briefly explain.

Bluetooth technology is quite simply the latest technological innovation in personal and business communications accessories available in this day and age. So you thought your fancy new cell phone, loaded with all the whistles and bells was the end of the line? Well you thought wrong. The good news is that your new cell phone is most likely Bluetooth compatible, so don’t throw it against the wall, because you still have a use for it.

In short, a Bluetooth headphone is one of those things you have seen recently hanging on the ear of someone walking or driving along talking to himself, or so you thought. It’s an ultra compact, low voltage wireless headphone that has completely changed the way we are going to communicate and listen to music and many more things from now on. The Motorola H5 Miniblue Blue, Bluetooth headset is one of Motorola’s latest products that feature all the functions that you can expect from a top of the line Bluetooth headphone. Why do you need a Bluetooth headphone? Well you really don’t need one but check out what it does then you can decide for yourself. To start of with; Just when you thought wireless was great, the Motorola H5 goes above and beyond to win you over again. Electronics within the Motorola H5 ensure minimal consumption of power which ensures battery supply longevity. No more fiddling with recharging gear and no more running out of power in the middle of a call. Can you listen to music in full stereo on your cell phone while driving down the road completely hands free?

The Motorola H5 Miniblue Bluetooth headset automatically switches from music to oncoming calls, still completely hands free. Then back again to music when the call is through. Caller ID, missed calls, and all your other standard cell phone features are all crammed into this fine piece of technology. Check this out. The voice speaker is in your ear when you wear this unit and it functions better than a standard voice microphone that works in front of your mouth. This completely eliminates all the ambient noise that bedeviled phone users up until now. Even noise from a construction site will not affect the noise-canceling features embedded in the Motorola H5. Think about that. No more junk to talk over ever again.

This technology is designed around the way your body works, for maximum comfort and usability. As familiar with other Bluetooth headsets, this small wonder also works thirty feet away from its partner, the Bluetooth enabled phone. Stylish and ultra light weight are the two factors that win over the audience of the Motorola H5. It fits and wears on your head just like a pair of sunglasses. It comes with loads of accessories so there is nothing else to buy and if you are already equipped with a Bluetooth ready cell phone, you can walk out of the store talking on it. It is simple as that.

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