NBA 2K20 Players Call for Firing Developers After Game Glitches

Ah, yes. Smell that? It’s the sweet scent of rage and tears, wafting through the Twitterverse like morning dew. It’s that time of year, friends—the Monday after the first full weekend of a new NBA2K game’s availability. NBA2K20 dropped on September 6, and in what is ritual at this point, its die-hards are forming their yearly angry digital mob against 2K’s developers for nitpicks in its gameplay.

The issues are pretty much the same every year, which is to be expected when a monolithic product is built under such a short deadline. Nevertheless, 2K20‘s glitches include gameplay that looks like Sid from Toy Story dangling Kyrie Irving on a string, goof-ups that halt progression on MyPlayers (which is especially touchy for a 2K Lifer), and game modes like MyLeague that seem to have gone without an update from last year’s version. This is all, of course, without mention of the best features of an otherwise a pretty impressive installment of the franchise, including the addition of WNBA teams and a revamped MyCareer story mode.

Of course, a lot of this will be updated in 2K’s first patch to the game, which should come this week. But in the meantime, 2K-adjacents like Ronnie 2K—who’s kind of like the game’s mascot (think IRL Gritty but without the fanfare)—are facing the brunt of the criticism. #Fix2K200, #FixNBA2K20, and #FireRonnie2k were all trending Monday morning.

Here’s what we’re seeing from the fans at home.

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