Networking Via Social Media

As a savvy networker, it is important to create and develop a workable follow up process. Follow up is a key ingredient to establishing healthy and profitable relationships. It is also an indicator of your professionalism and credibility. Following up can also brand an individual and project a positive and recognizable image.

One of the ways to grow an impressive network and build quality relationships is to use social media. It should not be the only avenue of networking. Social media can be an extension of your networking efforts. Various social media outlets can provide good, useful information about your business or social counterparts. This type of information can be extremely helpful in requesting introductions, asking for referrals and identifying common interests. The goal is to continue building relations, merging networks and growing substantial business.

Listed below are helpful tips for improving your networking.

The Request
Opt for including a personal message when requesting a connection on a social media outlet. A personal note can clarify when or where you met your counterpart. In can also be a way to re-introduce yourself to the other person. In the note, remember to include the purpose or reason for wanting to connect. It is also a good way to remind your counterpart of shared interests. Using the personal message is an extra way of reaching out to your counterpart.

The Profile
After having made the connection, view the profile of your counterpart. Search for information which can be useful for follow ups in the future. Find out background details such as school, past jobs, employers, memberships to organizations or associations, as well as skill sets. Check for shared contacts and mutual friends. Use this as an opportunity to focus on adding value, gaining understanding and determining your counterpart’s involvement in your networking circle.

While building relationships and connections with your counterparts, ask for a recommendation or testimonial. These are great tools for promoting business, products or services. It can also add to your credibility and expertise. Recommendations on social media outlets have a high visibility and notoriety. As a matter of fact, encourage as many contacts as possible to recommend you. Request a variation of recommendations. This can include feedback from a joint project or program. Another type of recommendation can be feedback on a good customer service or business experience. It is also a good idea to ask for a personality or character acknowledgement.

Social media outlets can be a very good and productive extension of your networking activities. Using this technology effectively can dramatically increase your bottom line.

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