New Designer Hero Mandarina Duck Green Mobile Phone

There is a flow of designer mobile phones in the market. All the famous designer life Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana or others came together with mobile phone brands and launched the variety of phones. In this race one new designer has also come with its innovation called Mandarina Duck phones in three exciting colors – purple, cherry red & green, in which Mandarina Duck green is the most striking mobile phone.

Mandarina Duck Green mobile phone faced lots of critics that this is just a stylish mobile phone and nothing else but this mobile phone proved its worth successfully and making the news in the US market. This phone has the special features which make it ladies favorite; users can customize this phone display and pictures according to their taste. Also the Ladies can put this stylish designer phone in one position inside their hand bags and become tension free about the handling of handset.

Mandarina Duck Green is the designer phone, then it’s obvious that this mobile phone gets noticed everywhere even in the crowded place. There is no argument problem raised about communication skills. Users can talk, send messages and send MMS easily, there is also a feature to access internet for work and entertainment also. With these features we can say that this is not a box only for fun. Users can connect Mandarina Duck Green with other devices like Pc or other handset with the facility provides of Bluetooth and USB port, you can communicate or transfer the data freely with other devices. With Mandarina Duck Green phones Bluetooth comes with A2Dp facility with which you can talk and listen to music with wireless headphones.

Mandarina Duck green handset has a media player also which is capable to play almost all the formats and it comes with incorporated 2.0 mega pixel camera with digital zoom with which you can click the images with more clarity and enjoys the moments more happily. The new Mandarina Duck Green has become one of the most well known designer mobile phones in the market because of its amazing looking design combined and finished beautifully with the latest technology.

Source by Adam Authet

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