PSP Themes – Have You Got Your New PSP Theme Yet?

I love my PSP, I love playing the latest games, downloading music, watching movies. But I’m fed up with all PSP’s looking the same. That was until I came across PSP Themes. WOW these are so cool.

Basically a PSP theme is a background picture and all the icons that control the home page so to speak. Who wants to be stuck with the boring standard theme when you can have a pimped up customized PSP Theme. Be the envy of your friends

So where do you get these PSP themes from? Well For some reason most people only venture as far as Sony’s own PlayStation website to find a theme. Now there is nothing wrong with this but how can you hope to have a unique PSP if everyone downloads there Theme from the same place. OK they do have a lot of choice, but obviously thousands of users will also be looking at them. I would avoid the main site.

The next way to find a PSP Theme is to use good old Google, millions of people use Google everyday to all sorts of things. If you search smart not only will you find a decent PSP theme but also a good guide on how to install it, should you have any problems. Instead of searching for PSP themes directly from Google, you could try and search PSP communities on the web? If you search for forums and newsgroups, you will almost always find some great resources and info, either by other forum members or from forum threads. This is a great way to find custom-made PSP Themes.

If your really clever you could design your own PSP Theme, now this isn’t easy but you will be rewarded with a totally unique PSP Theme. Any art program on your computer can create a custom Theme You can create a wallpaper with practically any art program, and as long as you save it as a JPEG file it should be compatible. If you don’t feel up to designing or making your own, why not ask someone to make a custom theme for you.

Source by Andrew Seaford

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