Rachel Campos-Duffy: Biden put US on ‘road to Hell’ with ‘socialist Trojan horse’ infrastructure plan

President Biden gave the order to “start paving” the proverbial “road to Hell” Wednesday by announcing a massive “socialist Trojan horse” infrastructure plan, “Fox News Primetime” host Rachel Campos-Duffy said Wednesday. 

“[Biden says] this massive infrastructure and climate plan will rebuild the backbone of America … He is right,” Campos-Duffy said. “The size of this plan is massive. It dwarfs spending for the New Deal and Great Society programs from FDR and Lyndon Johnson.

“The plan aims to modernize bridges, highways, and roads, remove lead piping and upgrade our sewer system. It throws billions into public transit programs and Amtrak and puts electric charging stations across America.”

However, she added, lurking behind the standard infrastructure-related expenditures are climate-centric economic policies and other proposals that will be detrimental to Middle America.

“No one should expect that if this bill gets passed that their commute will get shorter or their airport will run more efficiently or that their gas prices will go lower,” she said. “Just like the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill that had little to do with actual COVID relief, only a fraction of this infrastructure bill deals with actual infrastructure and transportation.”

As proof, Campos-Duffy cited $400 billion earmarked for Medicaid, $20 billion for reparations for communities that have been divided by the growth of the highway system and $10 billion for a Civilian Climate Corps.

Critics have for years decried the work of urban planners like New York’s Robert Moses, whose mid-20th-Century projects like Interstate 95’s Cross Bronx Expressway and the ultimately-truncated Arthur Sheridan Expressway sliced through several borough neighborhoods.

In a “fact sheet,” the White House described the Civilian Climate Corps Initiative as putting “a new generation of Americans to work conserving and restoring public lands and waters, increasing reforestation, increasing carbon sequestration in the agricultural sector, protecting biodiversity, improving access to recreation, and addressing the changing climate.”


On “Fox News Primetime”, Campos-Duffy added that Biden’s infrastructure package is “just the tip of his spending spree: a down payment on the Green New Deal.”

“Businesses will be taxed more, too. If he [Biden] gets his way, America’s corporate tax rate will be higher than Communist China,” she warned. “His plan could drive businesses overseas and they will take their jobs with them, even if he tries to penalize them for doing so.”


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