Reality of Software Piracy

Case 1

Joe is average computer user. He uses software on his computer for regular things like writing resume for job search, editing photos from vacation trip, making personal

website, playing games, backing up important files on CD etc. While surfing the Internet

hi finds out about new photo editing software which can do better (developer’s claim)

job then his old software. After downloading trial version and using it for while he decides that..

Scenario A

His old legal editing software is as good as new, “packed with new features”, “super cool” freshly downloaded application. He deletes trial version.

Scenario B

This new editing software is really better then his old one and he pays for registration.

Scenario C

This new editing software is really better then his old one but instead paying for it

Finds cracked version on the Net and use it happily ever after.

Countless number ofs average Joes goes through this scenario everyday. For some of them the

ultimate path to happiness is scenario C. Why? Money? Maybe but what is probably bigger factor is sense of uncertainty that this is the “right” software for him. Paying for it means commitment, he made the right decision, he invested wisely. People don’t like making this decision everyday, every time they find a new piece of software. For him working on the computer is hobby and there are no project deadlines or angry boss who wants to speed up project development.

Case 2

Mr. Smith is owner of web design company. He needs new software tools to develop

more attractive websites for his clients and speed up development process. Because he is pro who knows exactly what features software has to have. He downloads trial version off the Net and decides that..

Scenario A

Software is perfect for him and he pays for registration.

Scenario B

Software is perfect for his business but he does not want to pay it for it. (Money? Yes.)

He tries to find cracked version but after countless hours searching the Net cannot find it.

Scenario C

He pays for legal copy of the software because he really needs it for his business.

Case 3

Mr. X sells pirated software offering latest applications on his warez site. People pay for monthly membership to access illegal software. (One of the members is Mr.Smith who owns Web design company). Mr. X is always in a search of newest cracked applications on the Net to keep members happy and coming back.

Scenario A, B, C

Mr. X makes money selling pirated software.

As long as the Internet is full of pirated software and finding cracked applications is easy as clicking on a download link in search engine results, going to Mr. X’s warez site or joining

P2P networks; both Joe and Mr.Smith will sooner or later use illegal software and Mr. X

will continue with his “business.”

Source by Sam Begic

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