Saving Money on Food Expenses During Travel

Traveling will always cost money, no matter what they tell you. From gas to travel money to food money, even just going to the next city means spending money. Well, you can save money on food while traveling and it is quite easily accomplished. Here's how:

Make your own food and put it in a bag. If the traveling means having having to have to stop to have lunch somewhere, it is best to just make the lunch way ahead of time and bring it with you. Sandwiches travel well and they can last for a few hours in a cool car. If it is impossible to keep them cool, you can always place them inside a waterproof container and stow it with the rest of the drinks in the cooler. Oh yes, bring drinks along, you'll need that for the long drive. Stay away from saucy meals when traveling, they don't keep well and you may experience discomfort.

Coolers are a good investment, whether you are a traveler or not. It is an essential when traveling as this is where you can stow all you fluids for the travel. Water is best kept frozen a day in advance before the travel time. The ice will melt after a few hours and the water would be a good thirst quencher when it is still cold and you don't even have to stop anywhere and dig out some quarters just to get to machine that sells cool water. Stay away from soda drinks, not only do they make kids hyperactive, but a hyperactive kid or kids in a car is not a very comforting experience. Also, it makes for flatulence.

Coupons are still very useful when one want to eat on a budget. In the past you needed magazines and newspapers to cut out the coupons from, today, the internet saves the day. You can Google some food coupons for restaurants or fast food places that you may pass on the way to your destination. Print them out just before you leave so that they would be valid when you get there. Grocery coupons are also good if you plan to cook during the trip.

Taking a plane may be expensive but this could also save you on money. There are in-flight meals offered if it is a long trip, however, only snack will be served if it is not a long trip. There are also some flights that don't offer snacks at all, especially if they are just 15 minutes flights. Check with the travel agents what the in-flight offers are.

If there is a hostel or a motel on the way that has a kitchenette, then you can definitely cook your own food. Check out if there is a small kitchen before making hasty decisions, though. There are a lot now that does not allow cooking. Find out the places that have kitchenettes online before making travel arrangements. When there a place that offers the service, make reservations immediately. You do not want to lose out on the room or rooms if the place gets fully booked.

There are so many ways to save on food when traveling, all it takes is careful planning and a little bit of imagination. If you are taking your own car then you can definitely bring enough grocery and food supplies to your heart's content.

Source by Ricky S Dean

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