Scarecrow and Mrs. King a Treasure of the 80’s TV Shows

As time passes, sometimes we begin to forget about some of the television series of the past. Let me stir your memory with one such treasure that should never be shelved. Scarecrow and Mrs. King, airing from 1983-1987 on CBS, told a tale of espionage drama, romance, and comedy all rolled into one. Captured the public’s heart, this hour long drama starred Kate Jackson and the house wife “Amanda King” and Bruce Boxleitner as “Lee Stetson”- code named “Scarecrow”.

The tale begins with downtown Washington D.C., a train station, a spy in trouble, and a house wife. In “The First Time”, Scarecrow presses a small brown box into Amanda King’s hands and pleads with her to give it to “The man in the red hat.” From these beginnings four seasons of a class act originated.

The “normal” house wife does the extraordinary and goes from apprentice spy up to full fledged secret agent by the end of the show. Partnered with a first reluctant Scarecrow, Amanda’s charm, determination, and honest personality begin to melt his cold heart. In the first season he admitted she might someday make a spy. Then by the end of the second season he called her his partner. The course of the third season began to open his eyes to the excellent agent she was becoming and the true woman she was. And by the fourth season… you’ll have to watch that for yourself.

With the release of many television series onto DVD, a Scarecrow and Mrs. King DVD set would be a welcome addition. I know that since 1999 there has been an online petition for Warner Brothers to release it. Someday perhaps it will happen. There are a few ‘fan collection’ DVD sets available that I have in my library. Also some sites offer it on online TV. 

For more golden nuggets click here Scarecrow and Mrs. King. This is a show I grew up loving and I hope I captured your interest as well.

Source by Sue Lemmon

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