Social Media Marketing – To Mention or Not To Mention? (Yes You Can On LinkedIn)

The mention function on LinkedIn is a great way for you to engage with other connections, professionals and associates who are the primary users of this social media platform however you must consider exercising caution first before making the most out of this function.

Like many of the other social media platforms LinkedIn has a method where you can mention people or business in your posts and/or comments. It is as easy as inserting the @ sign and then start typing the name of the person or business. You will then see a selection of people pop up, you select the specific person you want to mention.

The bigger question however is when and where to use this function. I have seen many people spam others with this function, however I would definitely NOT recommend you do that!

It is a great way to increase your exposure and visibility. You can let people know about a post you specifically want them to see. My favorite way to use the mention function is to let someone know when I have posted something they requested. It is also very effective in the comment section when you specifically want to bring your comment to the attention of another commenter or one of your connections.

In your profile settings you can have LinkedIn send you an email when you are mentioned. This will ensure you catch all the times you are mentioned and then you can respond appropriately.

When you use the mention function you also allow people to share ideas and resources, it makes it so much easier for people to view and contribute.

It is a form of participation that may lead people to higher-value contributions. I know when I am specifically mentioned I feel the need to make a worthwhile contribution to the conversation. It reflects poorly on me when my contribution lacks thought and insight.

Bottom line it really will increase participation by encouraging collaboration. We all love to have our opinions shared, understood and agreed with. Using the mention function allows you to fully take advantage of those wonderful human needs.

Remember, LinkedIn is the most professional of all the social media platforms. Overusing the mention function could harm your reputation, use it with caution.

Source by Carla McNeil

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