Squat Thrust – The All in One Miracle Exercise

After searching for what seems an eternity, I have come to the conclusion, I hate exercise. I said it, unless it is just something I am doing natural like playing ball with the kids, I hate routine exercise. I have done tons of videos, join gyms, clubs, pre-design home work outs, and there was nothing I wanted to do day in and day out. There are three major categories that exercise falls in: muscle toning, cardio, and flexibility; of course, it is suggested to do these three to four times a week each. It is over whelming! I still think that these health nuts are crazy to expect the normal everyday joes to spend that much time working out. So which one is to be focused on and which is to be ignored. They are all so important.

Then one day, after having spent TEN years of my life looking for a way to better my health it hit me. There is one exercise, one exercise that includes all the above categories. Yes! The Lord had answered my prayer; I had discovered the all in one miracle exercise. What is this magical cure for all us couch potatoes or gamers, it is the Squat Thrust.

The squat thrust is a simple exercise where you start in standing up position, yes you can be standing in front of the TV if you want. That is the easiest part, then you squat down to the floor; hence the squat part. Then you thrust you legs behind until you are in a the push up position, you do a quick push up, then you jump your legs back towards you palms and stand up then repeat. Yay! You are working out your arms, chest, abs, butt, thighs, and calves; all in this one exercise and when you do it at speed (one right after another) you just added in your cardio. Do it slowly as first and you have your flexibility in the form of some yoga position.

Now should you just jump up from the computer and start this. You could, but it is always advised to see your doctor before trying any exercise program. Well this exercise make you look like a model. Well, that depends on a lot of things, the exercise is not a hard tone work out for zone toning, that is what eight minute abs is for. This is more along the lines of general shrinkage and health. Do this exercise several times a day, the goal of course, being thirty minutes and you will improve your overall health and fitness. Remember you will want to do a few slowly to warm up, then do them faster and faster until you reach your target heart rate, then slow it down until you are doing the last few slowly to cool off. You whole body will begin to slim down and tone up. That I know for a fact because that is how I work out, how I have lost weight, and it is simple, easy and best of all, free.


Source by Dovey M LaPee

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