Strange Addictions of the Modern Era

These 10 addictions are strange products of the modern age.

1. Exercise Addiction – Exercise is healthy, but an excessive amount can degrade muscles and weaken the body. Over-exercise can also cause severe social problems. People who are addicted to exercise often also suffer from eating disorders.

2. Internet Addiction – Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or your favorite news sites and blogs, time spent on the Internet can pass faster than you think. For some people, the inability to tear themselves away from the computer may lead to Internet Addiction Disorder.

3. Love Addiction – Being infatuated can cause a rise in a certain neurological chemical that gives a sense of euphoria. Some people become addicted to that feeling, unable to let go of a lover until they fall in love with someone else. Everything else in their life suffers as a result.

4. Oniomania (Shopping Addiction) – Shopping addiction is another product of the commercial age, and is often associated with depression. Shopaholics can’t control their compulsive shopping habits, causing severe financial repercussions.

5. Plastic Surgery Addiction – For those who can afford it, plastic surgery can become addictive. Negative body image is a huge problem, particularly for women, and those striving to achieve perfection can ravage their bodies in the process.

6. Sex Addiction – It’s normal to have sexual desires for other people, even when you’re married, but acting on those desires without control may be a sign of sex addiction. The issue rose to prominence through Tiger Woods’ recent scandals. The golfer sought treatment for his addiction.

7. “Tanorexia” (Tanning Addiction) – The idea of a tanning addiction may sound funny, but it’s actually quite dangerous. Medical experts agree on the dangers of tanning beds, including increased risk of skin cancer. The endorphins released by the UV rays can be very damaging when the tanner can’t stop.

8. Teeth Whitening Addiction – Teeth-bleaching junkies have made their teeth so white they can practically be seen from space, and they have also made teeth-whitening products extremely profitable. Overuse can lead to dental problems, such as bleeding gums and oversensitivity.

9. Television Addiction – This is a truly modern addiction, in which the viewer cannot stop sitting and staring at the screen. These people share symptoms with other addicts, such as helplessness and anger at the thought of giving their addiction up.

10. Workaholism – In today’s commercial world, there is an idea that “time is money.” Some people take this notion so seriously that they overwork themselves. As a result, their relationships and health suffer, sometimes even to the point of death

Source by Erik R Johnson

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