Stuck In A Video Marketing Void?

Video marketing helps to boost your online presence, improve your search engine rankings and will drive customer traffic to your website. Modern technology has made it easy to incorporate videos into your marketing efforts. To get started all you need is a computer and a YouTube account.

It's important to use many different types of videos in your video marketing mix. You want your audience to get enthusiastic about watching your videos because they know they will deliver value and not always exactly the same.

But are you stuck in a video marketing void? You know that you need to use video, but you're not sure what to say or do in your videos. Here are 5 video marketing ideas that are quick and easy to get online and don't involve huge amounts of production.

1. Talking Head Videos

Video does not have to be fancy to get views and convert. Just you talking to camera is actually the most common form of video. It's a great way to connect with your audience because people can see your face, hear your voice and get to know you. You can use video much like you do a blog. In fact a 'vlog' is an online video blog. Remember that you need to give a professional view of yourself and your business based on who your audience is and what they expect.

2. Interview Experts

You can use video to record interviews you conduct with experts in your industry. People like listening to those that they know to be a recognized authority. Don't be worried about asking people to let you interview them. You'll be surprised at how many people will jump at the chance to be interviewed in front of your audience.

3. Demonstration Videos

If you want to show someone how to do something, you can beat video. Demonstration videos are ideal if you have a topic that's hard to understand or explain in words. It doesn't matter if it's a technical issue or how to decorate your house, people love looking up videos to find out how to do something. Make sure that you explain concepts as you move along in your video.

4. Slide Shows

If you don't want to appear on camera, another type of video that works well is to create a slide show of images and text. It's an easy way to break into the world of video content marketing. You can use software like PowerPoint to do this and then upload it to YouTube. As you get more confident, you can also add a voice-over explaining what the viewer is looking at.

5. Video Tips Series

Another really cool thing to do with videos is to make a list of, say, 10 tips and go through them quickly. You can then develop a series by making a longer, individual video for each tip.

Source by Jon Allo

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