Suzanne Somers explains how she calmly confronted a nearly naked home intruder while streaming

The last thing Suzanne Somers was expecting during a Facebook Live session with fans was a nearly-naked stranger to show up at her home.

Back in February, the “Three’s Company” star was demonstrating her various makeup products on video when she abruptly stopped and asked her producer husband, Alan Hamel, “Is somebody here? I just heard a person.” 

Her spouse brushed the noise off, insisting it was a frog. However, Somers said she heard “a voice.”

Assuming it was a dinner guest who arrived early to her Palm Springs, Calif., property, the 74-year-old invited the person over towards where she was sitting. The actress soon realized that the intruder wasn’t someone she was expecting and he barely had any clothes on.


An intruder broke into Suzanne Somers' home while the 'Three's Company' star was hosting a live stream for fans.

An intruder broke into Suzanne Somers’ home while the ‘Three’s Company’ star was hosting a live stream for fans.
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“I’m talking to the audience and all of a sudden, I hear my dinner guest coming from the left over here,” Somers recalled on Thursday to Heather Dubrow’s World podcast on PodcastOne. “I felt, well, they’re like an hour and a half early. So I say to them because I can’t see them because it’s dark, ‘Hi come on in.’’

When the man got closer, Somers exclaimed, “Whoa, who are you?”

“Total stranger in my house,” she told the outlet. “Luckily for him, he was essentially naked. So I could see he wasn’t carrying a weapon. He had a little bikini something and flip-flops. I live in the mountains. How did you get there? I don’t know. He didn’t know how he got there. I asked him his name. He told me his name. The guy’s clearly high. And anybody high hiking in [the] pitch black freezing cold – I had on a black turtleneck dress – there’s something wrong with them.”

While the encounter was frightening, Somers told the outlet that in some ways, she felt prepared to handle the confrontation. She described how her alcoholic father was violent during her childhood.


Suzanne Somers said her childhood prepared her for any crisis.

Suzanne Somers said her childhood prepared her for any crisis.
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

“We spent more nights hiding in a locked closet than sleeping in our own bed,” she admitted. “And I was the kid in the family at five years old who thought straight, who got us in the closet, who didn’t fall apart, who kept everybody quiet. I handled it. I handled it because I learned how to operate in a crisis.”

“So when this intruder showed up the other night and he’s naked, he’s clearly high and probably dangerous because nothing about him being there is right, that instinct I got in my childhood kicked in and I became very calm,” she continued. “And I said, ‘You have to leave.’”

Somers also shared that she and Hamel, 84, had attended “gun classes” prior to the encounter.

“My husband had guns all his life,” she said. “But I didn’t. I happen to know now that I prefer a revolver to a semiautomatic because for women, the revolvers are an easier gun to manage. But I knew that [Alan] was there. My husband was going to protect us. So that probably was in the back of my mind. But he walked him out. Treated him with great respect, drove him down the hill in the golf cart. Put him out in front of the gate.”


Somers added that Hamel had his gun. And when the stranger was taken down the hill, Hamel was armed and accompanied by someone else.

“When he was out there, one of my fans had called the police,” said Somers. “And so the police were waiting out front for them.”

Somers said she cut the show short to call the police. That’s when she learned that authorities were already present because a viewer had contacted them during the stream session.

“I had to [still] get my wits about me,” she said. “But anyway, if you’re ever in a crisis, you want to be around me.”

Recently, Somers told Extra that when the man approached her, he said there were ghosts following him. He also offered her “a gift,” which she declined. 

Fox News’ Nate Day contributed to this report.

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