Texas ranch owner’s interview interrupted as agents pursue migrants on property

A rancher in south Texas told “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday that the Customs and Border Protection agency have said that their “hands are tied” during the migrant surge and that affected residents will have to default to local authorities. John Sewell’s interview with host Dana Perino was interrupted at one point as authorities tracked migrants who had entered his property.

JOHN SEWELL: The basic thing we got from this yesterday, unfortunately, we’re not going to get a lot of support from the CBP. They basically said their hands are tied and the best thing for us is to work with our state reps, our Congress, so on, and so our local officials are all doing as much as they can. … So, you know, it’s very unfortunate that we don’t have support from our local army, from our CBP. 

Dana, I’m sorry, I had a group of guys coming through looking for some immigrants, you’re going to have to put it back at me again … we’re not getting the support as the U.S. This is not panning out good for us. We’re under siege here. And when I say that, I’ve already got three this morning before breakfast.

I obviously call the Border Patrol. That’s our first line of defense. And that’s another thing. You know, we’re nervous as to what we can get away with and what we can’t get away with. You know, these people–it seems like they have more rights than we do. It’s very unfortunate that we’re having to battle this and the CBP is telling us that all they do is enforce policy. Well, if the policy from the administration is catch and release, let’s say, because that’s all we’re doing, we’re taking them back to the border, testing some, maybe all. I don’t know the true answer to that and turning them loose in the U.S., we’re not turning them back and I said before, these people are coming to you guys. They’re not staying here with us.



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