The Best Free Phone Lookup Services

A lot of online sites are offering free phone lookup services. Are they any good? Can they offer cell phone number lookups as well? What if I need more information? Can they give me the details I need?

These are just a few of the questions you may ask when it comes to these new technologies. First let me tell you what a phone lookup is. If you jotted down a number somewhere and wants to know who it belongs to, you check it through a reverse phone lookup system that will give you basic information like name and address of the owner. It can also be use to verify a number to know if it is legit or not. You also use phone lookup to check on nameless numbers that keeps on appearing in your caller ID system at home or in the office.

A reverse phone lookup system can be done online through sites that offer this service. Normally, a free trial can be used to check landline numbers. However, if you need information about a cell phone number, you will not be able to get them from free sites. This would defeat the purpose of getting a free phone lookup service.

The good news is that there are a websites that can give more details and background information from landline numbers, cell phone numbers and other business lines. The not so good news is that they are not free. Online sites like Phone Detective can give you all the information you need as long as they are available for a minimal fee. They charge fees because they also pay for the information they need for their database. They also take a considerable time to pull various details together, thus the small charge. Paying a small fee is not too bad if you consider the accessibility you can get.

For example, at Phone Detective, you pay around thirty nine dollars a year for premium membership. For this amount, you get full phone report, unlimited people search and reverse phone lookups for a year. That is real value for your money. Other benefits include signing into the database using any computer as long as you sign in your username and password. You can also copy and paste the information you get for printing later on. Phone Detective also provides background investigations and does criminal record searches for an additional fee. If you encounter any problems, they have an excellent support staff that will assist you in finding the right information. This is definitely better than hiring a private investigator which is more expensive and you don’t get any instant report.

Many similar services are readily available on the net. They claim that their service is free but they most likely will lead to paid registrations. You will not find any site that is truly free and can give you all the information you need from a reverse phone lookup system. Paying a small price though will definitely get you somewhere.

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