The Different Models of the Nintendo DS Console

Over half a decade ago, Nintendo revolutionized the portable gaming market by introducing the DS. Hailed as a massively popular machine, the DS boasted an innovative design, addictive games and is responsible for opening up gaming to a wider market. Since then, Nintendo have released a number of updates and new models, but which of the different Nintendo DS models is right for you?

Despite being the oldest and most outdated model, the original DS is still popular. New models are no longer sold in stores, but many are sold for cheap prices online, and this adds to their popularity. The original model is also able to play the earliest incarnations of games which are no longer accessible to the later models. If you can see past the weight and size, this model is great for those on a budget, the most affordable of the different Nintendo DS models.

Next up, the DS Lite didn’t offer a massive departure from the features of the original, but as the name suggests it cut the weight and size considerably. Interestingly, the DS Lite also has the best battery time of all the different Nintendo DS models, even compared to the newer ones. The DS Lite is still widely popular for those who like cheaper consoles and aren’t bothered about the extra features of the DSi.

The Nintendo DSi represented the most notable change to the formula. Throwing in loads of cool new multimedia functions, such as game downloads and the dual cameras. Again, all the features of the original DS were improved, with the screen and sound being augmented. The DSi is the most technically competent of the different Nintendo DS models, and currently the most popular.

With the DSi XL coming soon, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to it. The earlier incarnations offer less features and sheen, but are easily affordable and still provide great gaming. However, if you’re after multimedia capabilities and more bang for your buck, the later models are a sound investment. One thing is certain though, all the different Nintendo DS consoles offer a great gaming experience!

Source by Rich Thorp

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